Aicok is dedicated to your home, providing products that bring your family together. Coffee makers, steamers, kettles, juicers, mixers, bottle openers, grinders and other premium products ensure that the soul of the home stays in the kitchen and around the dining table.

Aicok has an in-depth understanding of North American and European daily life and continues to invest heavily to bring its knowledge to its product lines. Our experienced team has specialized in developing and marketing home appliances for many years, continuously breaking boundaries and bringing high-end products into homes around the world.

Aicok has long held that the customer comes first. Our product lines and marketing approach ensures that our products are appreciated by millions of users worldwide. As a leading provider of home appliances in North America and Europe, we strive to bring practical products into your home, to provide a comfortable and healthy way of life to you.

Some of our big distributors listed below in US market:
1, Storefront name: Ubrewspro-US,

2, Storefront name: Koofan-US

3, Storefront name: Halokey-US

4, Storefront name: Impression-us

5, Storefront name: Ekitchen-US