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           AICOK official authorized distributors:

          1, Shenzhen Bulusi Trade Co., LTD

              Contact Name: Zhang Ting

              Amazon Storefront Name: Ubrewspro-US 

              Address: Longgang District Jihua Street Shuijin Community Jiuhua Road 245-9A, Shenzhen,Guangdong,China

              Telephone: +8613802562530

          2, Shenzhen Keer Trade Industry Co., Ltd.

              Contact Name: YICUN WU

              Amazon Storefront Name: Koofan-US

              Address: Longgang district Bantian street Wuhe south road No. 1 SHENZHEN GUANGDONG 518000 

             Telephone: +8615994703747 

         3, Shenzhen Luoteman Trade Limited Company

             Contact Name: YANG JIE

             Amazon Storefront Name: Halokey-US

             Address: Longgang District Longcheng Street Longxiang Avenue No. 5105 Yuanjing Garden No. 209 ShenZhen GuangDong 518000

             Telephone: +8613724286052

         4, Shenzhen Impression E-commerce Co.,Ltd

             Contact Name: Linwei Li

             Amazon Storefront Name: Impression-us 

             Address: 3H012,NO5.Marktplatz, South China City,Pinghu Street,Longgang District,Shenzhen

            Telephone: +8618566668078 

        5, Shenzhen Danni Industrial Co., Ltd.

            Contact Name: ZHIDAN YAN

            Amazon Storefront Name: Ekitchen-US

            Address: longgang district, buji street, liangmao industrial park, 3 building, No.c  shenzhen guangdong  518000

            Telephone: +8613662680625